CFX offers superior over-the- road truckload and dedicated services. As an expeditor by design, we have the people, processes and technology in place to provide top-tier service at a cost effective rate. Our knowledge of  See More..

Expeditated Loads

We built our foundation by providing time-critical freight services to some of North America's largest manufacturers. We have since gained the reputation as an industry-leading automotive expeditor.  See More..

Specialized Hauls

CFX is among a select few carriers that cater to specialized hauling requirements. Overweight or over-sized, we have the right equipment to fit your specialized needs. Whether  See More..


We have dozens of Thermo King Reefers - renowned for their powerful combination of security and reliability. With the fastest pull down and temperature recovery times on the market,   See More..

Hazmat Cargo

CFX meets the Canadian and US Department of Transportation's requirements for the secure movement of hazardous materials. Not only do we have the equipment necessary to ship all   See More..


Brokerage allows us to provide you with additional capacity during peak industry and business surges throughout the year. CFX maintains a well-connected network of partner   See More..

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