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CFX with a holistic knowledge of Transport, trucks, logistics management and information technology is the name to your assets delivered on time. We pride ourselves in reliability and accountability. We believe that the greater our vision, the greater our success will be. That is why we aim for excellence in every aspect of our business. We never bury hidden costs in the fine print and always honour our side of a bargain. Without honesty, we would never have gained our customers' trust. Simply put, without honesty, we would not be where we are today. Our determination to be the best translates into a motivated staff devoted to providing our clients with an unsurpassed level of service.

We offer a comprehensive selection of freight management services.
We provide:

  • Dispatch and freight scheduling
  • Freight management and consultation
  • Rate analysis and quotations
  • Freight billing
  • Long or short-term freight storage


We never lose sight of our mission to provide customers with the best logistics service possible. Part of that commitment involves making sure that everything we do has a useful purpose. We are always looking for ways to streamline our practices and eliminate waste. We would be nothing without the dedication of our hard working employees. That is why we equip our drivers with top-of- the-line trucks and provide our office staff with the training and support they need to grow alongside the company

We own and operate everything from double-drops to temperature controlled units, giving us the flexibility to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Dispatch is where key decisions are made and customer needs are met. Our dispatchers get to know each individual driver so that they can match them with the cargo and equipment that work best for them. Our dispatchers are truly dedicated to the job and their passion shows through with the seamless flow of operations.

All our trucks are fitted with powerful GPS equipment allowing us to actively monitor every vehicle's location and speed. This effective tool helps increase freight safety as we can see whenever a truck is speeding or diverting from its assigned route. We even developed a unique communication system that allows us to broadcast important information to our drivers in real-time. With this system, we can target specific individuals, teams, or the entire fleet at once.

Technology's impact more evident than in our dispatch and operations. We developed an innovative truck management system in partnership with CODEFINED Inc that relays vital information to our various departments. The use of Electronic Data Interchange is revolutionizing the flow of information throughout our company. With EDI, we have reduced our cycle times,eliminated errors and saved our customers money.


Canada, USA and Mexico

Track Your Load

● We operate 24x7x365 to never miss a deadline.
● Over 99% of our shipments arrive within 10 minutes of their scheduled time.
● Our drivers are professionally trained to handle all types of cargo.
● We are dedicated to providing great customer service.


Dedicated Loads

Dedicated Loads

CFX offers superior over-the- road truckload and dedicated services. As an expeditor by design, we have the people, processes and technology in place to provide top-tier service at a cost effective rate. Our knowledge of  See More..

Expeditated Service

Expeditated Loads

We built our foundation by providing time-critical freight services to some of North America's largest manufacturers. We have since gained the reputation as an industry-leading automotive expeditor.  See More..

Flat Bed

Specialized Hauls

CFX is among a select few carriers that cater to specialized hauling requirements. Overweight or over-sized, we have the right equipment to fit your specialized needs. Whether you need to move helicopter  See More..

Reefer Trailers

Temp-Controlled Goods

We have dozens of Thermo King Reefers - renowned for their powerful combination of security and reliability. With the fastest pull down and temperature recovery times on the market,   See More..

Dangerous Goods


CFX meets the Canadian and US Department of Transportation's requirements for the secure movement of hazardous materials. Not only do we have the equipment necessary to ship all nine classes of HAZMAT goods, our drivers  See More..

3pl Logistics


Brokerage allows us to provide you with additional capacity during peak industry and business surges throughout the year. CFX maintains a well-connected network of partner carriers throughout North America. With access to some of the leading  See More..

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